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Atlantic hurricane season in Cuba occurs between the start of June and the end of November.

The highest risk of hurricanes is between September and October, as they become more frequent due to sea temperatures being at their hottest.

The Republic of Cuba is the largest of the Caribbean islands, and lies just 93 miles off the southern coast of the United States.

Cuba offers visitors fantastic beaches, an ever-changing culture, fascinating history and ecological wonders for tourists to explore.

“Today, it’s more international, from many countries,” Hernandez says, leaning on his countertop decorated with old photos of the neighborhood and insignia from his time in Brigade 2506, the group of Cuban exiles who led the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion in 1961.

He doesn’t have to look any further than the ownership of his fruit market to see the progression.PANAMA CITY (Reuters) - Hundreds of Cubans who sold their homes and belongings in pursuit of an American dream that now lays in tatters were stranded in Central America and Mexico on Friday after Washington abruptly ended a lenient immigration policy. Jose Enrique Manreza, who sold his house and possessions in Havana to embark on a epic trip by plane, bus and foot through the rain forests of French Guiana, Colombia and Panama, estimated he had spent about ,000 on the journey. President Barack Obama on Thursday repealed a measure granting automatic residency to virtually every Cuban who arrived in the United States, whether or not they had visas, ending a longstanding exception to U. Cuban officials had long sought the change, arguing it would discourage people-trafficking and dangerous journeys.Stroll colourful attractions as bright classic cars cruise wide boulevards.Learn the secret of the country's famed cigars or see the 16th century fort, Castillo De Los Tres Reyes Del Morro, overlooking the entrance to Havana Bay.