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The introduction of domains caused concern in academia -- but have fears been realized?The list, collated by Kelly Wallace with the help of Internet safety expert Katie Greer, also contains slang such as '420' for 'marijuana', 'POS' for 'parent over shoulder' and the phrase every parent dreads their teenager reading '(L)MIRL' for 'let's meet in real life'.( A team of Northwestern University student entrepreneurs who are paving the way to natural gas-powered vehicles won a 0,000 grand prize in the first Clean Energy Student Challenge. () The Virginia Supreme Court has ruled that the state attorney general has no authority to seize the records of emails or grant applications sent by a climate scientist who taught at the university.7.) University domains: The aftermath Once top level domain names ending in the suffix became available late last year, many groups and industries, including the adult entertainment industry itself, began to protest against the move.

5.) NU student entrepreneurs win 0,000 clean energy prize.

So the most important thing is to keep lines of communication open and to create opportunities for them to absorb your values.' Not understanding the boundaries and repercussions of appropriate online behaviour can lead to problems in the real world.

Explicit pictures or video footage can be used by peers to bully, threaten and blackmail or can end up in the hands of sexual predators.

The effect of these erotic alternatives has been to cut out the middlemen; i.e., the talent agencies, producers, and photographers.

All that’s required is a webcam, a good broadband connection, and a knack for turning on your target audience.