Intellij updating modified files

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All these features are based on actual understanding of the code structure.If this fixes it, and I think it will because I've seen dozens of issues in WDS because of this, I'd suggest to very clearly document this somewhere in CRA :)[email protected], apparently some dude renamed the whole wiki page for webpack-dev-server to "react-hot", causing some weird issues :(. @gaearon haha see your comment just popping up, see above ;p. I was facing something similar and I had to increase the the max_users_watches In my case it seems like global [email protected] installation caused create-react-app webpack watcher issues: it didn't see any file changes.I'm working in an application with lots of nested directories and files. On windows 10, latest CRA, editing with vim in gitbash. In fact I have a very simple project with no nested directories and the rebuilding/reloading is spotty at best.Sometimes, after I modify and save the file, it simply... It will just stop rebuilding and hot-reloading so I am continuously having to stop the process and start it all over again.