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is a senior research fellow at the Kinsey Institute and chief scientific advisor to the internet dating site So, bottom line is, there’s been times when I’ve sort of met a man who I could have really loved, and I knew immediately, “No, no. Tippett: Helen Fisher knows how powerful love is as a leading anthropologist/explorer on the new frontier of seeing inside our brains when love and sex happen. I like to have an experience in which I come home thinking about something. Maybe a different form of insanity, but it evolved to be so strong that some people will leave their community.

Her books include Anatomy of Love: A Natural History of Mating, Marriage, and Why We Stray and Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love. Helen Fisher: You can know every single ingredient in a piece of chocolate cake. Don’t go there.” Whereas I think, if you don’t know how powerful love is, you might try. In her TED talks that have been viewed by millions of people, and the research she does for Match.com, she wields science as a sobering, if entertaining, lens on what feel like the most meaningful encounters of our lives. This is one of the reasons that I love the theater, particularly people like Ibsen, because you come away from it with ideas, ideas about yourself, ideas about the world. I mean, I don’t know if you’ve ever looked at the Hubble Telescope site on the internet, but when you take a look at what’s out there, it’s so staggering. The real meanings of life for me are in reality, I guess. Tippett: Yeah, well, that’s one of those — you talk a lot in your work about how we are kind of reversing 10,000 years of habit, and I think, I mean, we’re doing that in many spheres. Tippett: So where do you trace, really the — I’m just curious — can you trace the earliest origins of this, of love, and romance, and this drive in us as something that you had this special curiosity about that you started to pursue? Fisher: You know, people have always asked me why I study love. This brain system of romantic love — and I do think it’s different from lust. But romantic love evolved for that reason, to enable you to overlook everything in order to be with this human being. And so we’ve evolved a brain system and attachments.

Helen created it to test the degree to which you express four broad styles of thinking and behaving, each associated with one of four basic brain systems: the dopamine, serotonin, testosterone and estrogen systems.

Take Helen Fisher's Personality Test First published in 1992, Helen Fisher’s “fascinating” (New York Times) Anatomy of Love quickly became a classic.

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But then when you sit down and eat it, you just feel that rush of joy. In this wonderfully personal conversation, Helen Fisher reveals how we can take this knowledge as a form of power for giving conscious new meaning to the thrilling and sometimes treacherous human realms of love and sex. Tippett: Helen Fisher is a senior research fellow at the Kinsey Institute and she’s chief scientific advisor to the internet dating site And I think religion is not going to look the same in the next century as it did in the 20th century. Fisher: That’s a wonderful way — I had not thought about that. And — this is in hindsight — I’m an identical twin. And of course, that’s what you really need to do to start that mating process.

We spoke in Camden, Maine around the edges of the 2014 Pop Tech conference there. Tippett: I always ask whoever I’m speaking with if there was a religious or spiritual background to their childhood, like, however you might define that. And long before I knew that there was a nature/nurture controversy, I was very busy trying to measure how much of my own behavior was biological and how much of it was cultural. I lived in this glass house, and my neighbors lived in a glass house. Because bottom line is that if you have four children, and I have no children, you live on, and I die out.

We don’t read tea leaves to tell you why you fall in love, whether a particular relationship will last forever, if your partner is cheating, or what phase the moon should be when you attempt a reconciliation. We offer an educational and fun look at the surprising science behind romance and love.

We’re not even love advisers, or wise friends giving advice. This will give you insights into yourself that will help you manage.