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It mixes special chemical injections of fear and anxiety to keep us from. That we are vulnerable to the elements, to others, and even to traps of our own design.

The human brain is a vigilant, vibrant security system meant to keep its host from obtaining damage and meeting destruction.

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Note that 3 days may be a lot if you want to create invoices and have to check against a given age to determine if the customer is chargable for taxes and so on. This will output the number of days,months, or years difference between NOW and a April 1st, 2011. Although you CAN directly compare Date Time objects, you will get nonintuitive results if the other object is not also Date Time compatible.

Though I found a number of people who ran into the issue of 5.2 and lower not supporting this function, I was unable to find any solid examples to get around it.

Therefore I hope this can help some others: When using datediff make sure your time zone is correct, for me on Windows 7 64 bit it behaved very strange when timezone was wrong (I was comparing now against time in database and exif metadata in photos).

It grew when my young hips adjusted to fit the width of a horse’s bare back. It wants me on the back of a horse aching to gallop.

It matured the first time my eyes were blessed with a mountaintop view and I thanked my knobby-kneed legs for getting me there. It wants me outside the chainlink fence of a flight school, ready to board a chopper.